Tastelink.com develops recommender software. Recommendations are automatically produced by the Tastelink software. They are based on the “taste” or preference of web visitors (taste) and relationship between web visitors themselves (trust). Therefore, Tastelink.com is able to give better advice than other conventional systems.

“Tasteful” online recommendation services for third parties

At present, the technology behind Tastelink.com is put into practice. We will soon start the first pilot, in co-operation with Probiblio. Probiblio is a service provider for the public libraries in north and south Holland, with almost five million members. Tastelink.com and Probiblio will start together as Biblio.Taste.

Biblio.Taste translates all the available data of members to an absolutely anonymous database. Data used without linking any names or other personal data include: gender, age, residence, borrowed books, DVDs, CDs, and magazines. This data finds its way to the Biblio.Taste website. Here the recommender software provides members relevant tips and suggestions. The response to these suggestions will also be loaded into the database, which grows and improves by self-learning. Initially, Biblio.Taste will be used as a part of existing library site (widgets).

Users of Biblio.Taste will also be invited to participate in the network of Tastelink.com. If they so decide, they will put the data available on the Biblio.Taste database at the disposal of Tastelink. Tastelink.com generates reliable, relevant, taste and relationship related recommendations from there to be used at a broader level.

Own Taste Portal

Tastelink.com itself is developing its own user-friendly portal, where visitors can easily get recommendations on travel and subsequently a variety of topics; from restaurants to financial products. Visitors can confirm or reject these suggestions. They can do this by either discarding them or either saving them, by highlighting them. This reaction will be used by Tastelink.com again for future purposes.

Advice on recommendations for your own website

Tastelink.com offers advice to third parties about online recommendation services. For example, if you own a web shop and wish to increase your online sales by relevant recommendations for your visitors.

For its implementation Tastelink.com works together with partners like TNO ICT or even your own expert technical implementation partner. Please contact us for more information about your options.